Does Lumacept™ have good adhesion to surfaces?


Lumacept™ is intended for standard primed drywall interior walls and generally adheres like most interior latexes.  If you apply Lumacept™  to non-standard surfaces you must keep in mind that proper adhesion depends on several factors.  Some surfaces are relative easy to achieve good adhesion and some are notoriously difficult.  There is no latex coating that will stick well to Teflon, for instance.  Adhesion to smooth metals, glass surfaces and plastics is also challenging.   Surfaces should be clean of oils and other contaminants and primers should be used whenever possible.  Applying Lumacept™ over primers or other interior latexes is generally easy, but always use good painting practices, use primers compatible with latexes, and apply a small test area if there is any doubt.  Painting over plastic surfaces like existing vinyl wall coverings is difficult and a good primer is essential.