Is Lumacept™ available in colors?

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One of the most common questions we get is “Does it only come in white?”. While Lumacept is made as a white base coating, it can be, and usually is, tinted. Customers typically want us to match a color that they are already using. For example, hospitals often buy paint from the local retail store of a large paint manufacturer and use one of their standard colors. We have the capability to match any of these colors. If you send us the color name and number, we’ll match it and send you a sample for approval.

Just as a tinted paint in your house looks less bright to your eyes than pure white, the addition of color to Lumacept™ also naturally reduces the level of UV-C reflectivity. However, this is normally not a problem since colors used in hospitals tend to be pastels and off-whites. Darker, more saturated colors are usually not recommended. We can work with you to determine how much UV-C reflectivity is present in custom tints.

A word of caution: We use a set of color concentrates that we’ve carefully tested. Lumacept™ MUST NOT be mixed with other paints to achieve a desired color. Even a very small amount of normal paint mixed in with Lumacept™ will destroy UV-C reflectivity.