Does the UV reflectivity of Lumacept™ wear out over time?

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Not normally.  The components of Lumacept responsible for UV reflectivity are inert and do not significantly decay, wear out, get used up, or leach out over time.  Of course, we can’t control what happens in your facility, but during typical use there will be no noticeable change in the reflectivity or appearance of Lumacept over its normal lifetime. Most likely, you’ll repaint the room for other reasons (normal wear and tear, remodeling, etc.) long before any changes are detected in the paint itself.  Further, we’ve tested cleaners such as dilute bleach and quaternary ammonia and have found that they have no noticeable effect on the UV-reflective properties of the coating.

Keep in mind that dust, dirt, and other contaminants typically absorb UV, so keeping the walls clean is important for maximizing UV reflectivity.